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Kelly Hill, the owner and farmer florist of Blossom Thyme Hill, has been gardening for over ten years. Her passion for beauty and planting blooms runs deep as a fourth generation farmer, and she rarely takes a day not spent outside. Kelly enjoys creating botanical masterpieces and hosting others at her farm, sharing her joy and beautiful flowers with anyone who adores blossoms like she. Click below to learn more of her story and about Blossom Thyme Hill. 

PINK ZINNIAS, dahlias, and cosmos line the hill that crestS in front of a small, white cottage that sits at the back of this two acre home farm...

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In 1986, I decided to start a floral wreath business. I made wreaths from dried flowers called everlastings. When we bought our first home, I decided to try and grow my own flowers. I have always loved flowers as long as I can remember. When I was 10, I asked my Mother to buy me a packet of seeds. I decided that I would plant Four O Clocks under my parents bedroom window. At age 12 I asked my parents to buy some blackberry plants so that I could plant them on a family farm that was my Grandfather’s. I absolutely love flowers and gardening. My Grandmother also played a big part of my love of flowers and fruit. I grew up playing and watching my Grandmother during the summers at her house. She always planted petunia’s and cosmos. I still love and plant cosmos every year in my own flower gardens. Last year, my daughter got married. Her first look with her husband on her wedding day was here where we had spent every summer flower gardening, so it meant so much for her to have her first moments of their special day here where there are so many memories in the garden with my sweet girl. So, it was last year that I decided that I would start a flower farm for brides. This year started in February, bring in tons and tons of dirt. Lots of tractor work, shaping, and re-shaping. It turned out to be an unusually warm winter, with no snow; this made it possible to start the flower farm early. I planted poppies and bachelor buttons in late February. I ordered lots of poppies, something I have never really focused on before, only if they were in a wildflower mix. Already, we are in the middle of June and the cosmos are blooming everywhere. the Poppies were beautiful and every day a new surprise as I walk through the garden. There were so many projects including getting many new area’s of grass to grow. I have worked harder than I think I ever have. It’s been a huge undertaking and well as great joy to go to bed at night and be so excited to wake up and get to do what I love so much. I feel very blessed to be with nature everyday and bask in God’s glorious earth. I see God in all nature, all around me everyday. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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"Living is not enough... One must have sunshine, freedom, and a few flowers."
-Hans Christian Anderson

Flowers tell a story. They tell the story of how a grandmother started your love of flowers that remains in your heart long after she is gone, or the first corsage from your love or even a field of flowers that you galloped through on a family vacation.

Our mission: we provide locally grown organic, fresh, and unique blooms to the community while making a positive impact on the environment. 

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Click on the workshop link to view our upcoming events!

Blossom Thyme Hill is a boutique flower farm growing specialty cut + heirloom flowers using sustainable, natural practices in the Ozark hills. Set on the Hill's home of five acres, a variety of beautiful blooms are in season from July until October. Blossom Thyme Hill offers seasonal workshops for both adults and children (please click our workshop link above to see our upcoming events and purchase your tickets). As well, custom floral arrangements, wedding bouquets, and flower crowns can be made upon request. Please email us for a custom quote.

Sitting amidst the fields of flowers is of course "The Cottage," a small white chapel at the back of the flower farm property. This cottage is available for rent for elopements, bridal sessions, family photography, and more. With an all white exterior and farmhouse finishes inside, The Cottage is perfect for your shoot at Blossom Thyme Hill. To inquire our availability for bookings, please click our contact link and send us a message. 








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