Flowerstock at Hope Flower Farm


There is nothing quite like gathering with people who truly understand your passions.




On the first day we were so honored to hear Steve Moore of Sinclair and Moore. I was looking forward to watching Steve do his amazing floral designs, but he was so much more than his designs. I was taken with his authenticity and his integrity of how he runs his business. His philosophy is to always give more to your client than their expecting. I love how he talked about his wife the whole time he was designing and how much he loves his family. His standards and his character are such a role model in today’s society. You could tell that he loves his job and his bouquet and floral arrangements were  so beautiful. I would definitely love to go to one of his workshops in the future.


I was very familiar with Holly Chapple designs and had been hoping to go to one of her workshops for several years. I actually waited too long because on Aug. 29th, we had a terrible damaging flood here on the flower farm. In the process of being overwhelmed with clean up, I missed signing up for Flowerstock. I was so disappointed and decided after a month to just ask if she would allow me to come to Flowerstock after explaining about the flood. One of Holly’s assistant got back tome immediately and opened the registration back up just for that day. After meeting Holly you know immediately that she is a kind and caring person who gives ways more than you could ever hope for. Her designs are known all over the world as she travels doing exquisite designs for dream weddings. Her passion for the floral world and other designers is delightful. Holly is a true gem, as well as Evan, her husband. They, and their amazing team make Flowerstock an incredible memory. I can’t wait to go back. Thank you, Holly for being gracious and kind and letting me experience a chance of a lifetime.

Nancy Teasley , an event and design company, as well as owner of Ella Rose flower farm was also there. She is very warm and kind, so it was a delight to hear her story and watch her design a beautiful bouquet with ribbon. I’ve got to say, being a flower farmer, I really wanted to know all about her rose farm. Sounds like a dream, right?. California has amazing soil for growing roses too. It was fun to hear about all the roses that florist’s  love using and all of the new ones on the market as well.

Not only were we blessed with these amazing floral designer’s, we were fortunate enough to get to meet Debra Prinzing of Slow Flowers and  host of Slow Flowers podcasts. We had so much fun participating in Debra’s writing workshop. I certainly need all the help I can get in the writing department. More on Debra in another blogpost.

This trip was amazing and I came home so inspired and my heart was very full. After the flood on the flower, drought this summer, and the animals ravishing my flowers, I really was questioning why this was so hard. It’s okay to put all the time and energy into something, but when the return is less than rewarding, it was getting very difficult to persevere. I’m determined and not a quitter. This was overwhelming and I’m not a spring chick. I love what I do and I cannot wait to get up the next morning and be doing what I love to do. I’ll write more about the floods with photo’s and let you know how I got through it later.


Adam and Alicia Rico from Bows and Arrows floral design are a very sweet couple from Texas. Their banter and music during their design session were very fun and entertaining. Adam is very engaging and Alicia is such a true artist as you watch her, it is very inspiring  to see her design. I enjoyed this calm and sweet couple so much. They do destination weddings and had a lot of fun stories to tell about their business. They did the installation for the barn door opening at Flowerstock. They actually design to music and time themselves. This massive installation was a team effort, but they made it feel like maybe you could really do this yourself. Definitely one of my favorite parts of the event.

If you’re considering going to Hope Flower Farm, you won’t be disappointed, they’ve had top designer’s such as Ariella Chezar, Robby Honey, etc. Each year, you have the option of sleeping in teepee style tents. They have a tent decorating contest where you can forage the property for your designs. The campfires each night are so relaxing and fun to be able to talk and connect with like minded creatives. So worth the money and the experience. Hope you enjoyed! Thanks so much for reading! And if you’re not already following me on instagram, I would love to get to know you. Stop by and introduce yourself and follow along! Thanks so much!


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